Why the Right Brand Image is Absolutely Vital


We bet you’re just like us… you want to build a successful business.

It would be a pretty big waste of time to start a business that you don’t want to succeed in! And while most entrepreneurs and small business owners are busy taking care of clients and doing the best work they can, they may not put time into thinking about their brand image. After all, it is time-consuming and often associated with a ton of expense and unnecessary fluff (‘is that blue really different from that other blue?’).

It’s true that from a dollar perspective branding can be hard to value. As a business owner it’s incredibly difficult to put your time, energy and resources (money!) into something that doesn’t immediately add value to your business.

But while it is awesome that you’re totally focussed on building a killer service or creating show-stopping products, the reality is that brand image matters. In fact, it is absolutely vital. Here’s why:


Just think about Nike (that swoop) or Apple (an apple, naturally) or Tiffany & Co. (the iconic blue).

Each brand looks simple – but is instantly recognisable. This is your aim for your brand image, and it’s imperative that you get it right.

Brand image is not just about a cool logo or a memorable slogan. Your brand image includes all the visual elements you use in your marketing or on your online platforms and all the associations that you build from the quality of your work and interactions with your customers (think: reliability, responsiveness, etc.).

This means that you are building a brand image every time you post on Instagram, update your website or engage with your customer, whether you intend to or not. It’s vital that you have a great brand strategy in place, that your visual and associated elements fit in that strategy and that you are consistent through all customer touch points. This will begin to build brand recognition.


Your brand image creates an impression of your business.

It takes less than 0.2 of a second for a potential customer to form an opinion about a brand based on their website or landing page. So, it won’t surprise you that first impressions are crucial in branding.

Each of your touch points is an opportunity for you to use your brand image to create a fantastic first impression. Landing pages, newsletters, business cards, even how you and your employees present yourselves – these small moments are points of contact with your potential customers. A consistent, recognisable brand image will help you create the impression you want.


Your relationship with your customer is defined by your branding.

Each time you deliver a strong brand image, it becomes easier for your audience to recognise you, remember you and remember what your brand stands for. Presenting a consistent, stable image builds credibility and loyalty. You are who you say you are, every time.


Your customers want to make a real human, personal connection.

They want to know that you share the same values. And they want to believe that your company is working for their benefit.

Being likeable is easy with great branding. Great branding, that is real, authentic and human, engages your customer. It gets personal – by sharing details about you and your team (an ‘About Me’ or ‘About Us’ page), both in and out of work, so that people can see the real you. Great branding connects you to your customer.

The more you show your personal, human side, the more your audience will connect with you and the more brand loyalty you will build.


Brand image is indispensable in building a successful business – it’s the way you are recognised, it’s how you engage with your customers and it’s the way you build credibility and loyalty.

But most importantly, it’s how you get your audience to like you. And if they like you, they will want to hire you or buy from you.

Yes, it will take time and effort, but having loyal customers who are engaged with you and your business is a rare thing of incomparable value.

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