BRAND- SOCIETY is boutique graphic design studio run by yours truly, Giulia.

I'm a freelance graphic designer + web designer + letterer who specialized in establishing brand identity systems for organizationsthat leave lasting impressions on their audience. This encompasses everything from the logo, typography, color, pattern, print collateral and web design.

I love working with creative individuals and always make my clients my number one priority. I graduated with in Graphic Designer, and I'm currently based in Treviso (Italy) but have worked with clients all over the world. I truly believe that each client I work with is completely unique and should receive an end product that is too. I strive to create brand systems that tell your unique story, and craft the design that reflects it. I push beyond aesthetics, and develop creative solutions.

When I'm not working you can find me spending time with my boyfriend, play with my dogs, read comics or sipping a cup of coffee.